Last desperate calls to family: Please mujhe bacha lo

Families of those who were feared gathered at Sanjay Gandhi hospital on Saturday morning . Families of those who were feared were gathered at Sanjay Gandhi hospital on Saturday morning .

Mummy, papa aag yahan pe gayi, please call the fire brigade, we are all trapped.Tania Bhushan, 26, made the final call to her parents just minutes before a massive fire killed her and 26 others at a commercial building in Delhis Mundka.Families of those who were feared were gathered at Sanjay Gandhi hospital on Saturday morning.By evening, the bodies of only eight people had been identified.

According to Delhi Fire Services chief Atul Garg, it's difficult to identify them.Tanias' family said she worked as the office's sales manager.She was a determined woman, and we were all proud of her.We could not save my bacchi, but she would have been nice to see.We sat outside the building for hours.

She was a loving lady.What am I going to do without her?She was my only child, said Rajni, her mother.Around 4.40 p.m., Tanias' last call was to her family.

Madhu (22), a child who lived at the office with her cousins Poonam and Preeti, called Rajesh (40) around 4 p.m. on Friday.The three are among the people who are thought to be dead.Here, a fire has broken out.She said over the phone, Please mujhe bacha lo, jaldi aao.

I was hoping Madhu and her cousins would find their way.We called them, but their phones were turned off.We waited for hours.Her voice still rings in my ears.

All of my hopes have been shattered.My uncle, too, has lost his children.We're still waiting for a miracle, but we're afraid everyone will die in there, according to police.During the time between 4.40 pm and 5.10 pm, police received 14 PCR calls, of which seven were from victims buried inside.

They showed me a slew of bodies.I then saw a gold kada, which I recognized.This year, I gave it to Mohini.I never imagined I'd see it on her charred body.

Our relatives are now from Bihar, but they don't know about the death yet.Pooja (27) waited to locate her brother Vishals (24) body while sitting in a corner.In the office's assembly department, he worked.Vishal was in charge of the house.

We rummaged around and saw the story on Friday, when he didn't return our calls.He was sporting a kada and a bracelet, but thats all we could see today.He was a child and able to do so many things.Right now, nothing is lost.

Bhaskar (22) and his mother Sunita waited at the mortuary for hours, but couldn't find Geetas (40) body.Geeta was a widow and lived at Bhaskars house in Mundka as a tenant.She and her husband were our tenants.She and her partner, who she had lost him four years ago, were living alone.

Last night, we received a call about the fire.I sat there for hours.We have been looking at bodies recently, but none of them are hers.She never had any children and did not speak much about her family in Bihar.