Late at night, Chhattisgarh HC reopened to consider a petition contesting the evacuation.

High Court in Chhattisgarh reopens hearing of petition seeking alimony from land . Petitioners seek alimony from their land in Baghbahara in Mahasamund district .

RAIPUR: The high court in Chhattisgarh was reopened late Thursday night to hear a petition requesting an alimony from their land in Baghbahara in Mahasamund district, which also suspended the tehsildar and municipal authorities' evacuation order.Justice P Sam Koshy's bench called a stop to the proceedings brought by Fuldas Kosariya (45) and Yogesh Gandecha (44) demanding an evacuation notice from Baghebahara tehsildar.In addition, the local municipal office issued a notice to residents, giving them an ultimatum to abandon their property in 24 hours.Petitioner Waquar Naiyer, the petitioners' counsel, said that they have been on their property since the pre-independence period.

Since the nature of the case was assumed to be sensitive, I requested that the High Court's authority be given permission for the hearing.After the completion of the necessary paperwork, the HC allowed the hearing at 10 p.m. Justice P Sam Koshy opened the lawsuit at 10.50 pm and declared the stay order on the evacuation notice at 11 p.m., according to him.For the petitioners, counsels Faiz Kazi, Pranjal Shukla, Shantam Awasthi, and Abhishek Banjare joined them.Petitioners' counsel argued that the Chhattisgarh Nagariya Kshetra Ki Bhumi Vidhayak Adhiniyam 1984 confers ownership rights to the petitioners.

If the government believes that the evacuation is necessary in the greater interest, the statute also says that it should either provide assistance or land at other locations, but he argued that the rules were violated in this case.Petitioners' counsels argued that they have been paying the bill to the municipal corporation since 1982.According to the campaigners, it is a violation of Article 21 of the Constitution to carry out evacuation after office and court hours.The evacuation notice was delivered to those who signed it out of fear of some influential people in Bagbahara, according to the petitioners.

Mohan Vishwakarma, a resident of the same town, had earlier been warned of evacuation by the aforesaid local authorities, but he later went to the high court and secured a suspension on August 1.After HC granted a restraining order, the authorities arrived at Lalpur village in Baghbahara tehsil after office hours on Thursday for similar conduct.