Launching a book about the public life of the PM, Jaishankar offers frank moments

Modi@20: Dreams Meet Deliver celebrates Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 20th anniversary in public life . Former foreign affairs minister S.

NEW YORK — S. Jaishankar, the former foreign affairs minister, who contributed to the book Modi@20: Dreams Meet Deliver, celebrates Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 20th anniversary in public life, read excerpts from the book and shared candid stories about his personal life with him.Modi@20: Dreams Meet Deliver is a collection of chapters written by S Jaishankar, Amish Tripathi, PV Sindhu, Anupam Kher, Amit Shah, and Sudha Murthy, among others.Jaishankar recalled how he met with the Prime Minister in New York and shared the same story with members of the Indian-American Community in the book.When Prime Minister Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he vividly recalled the first time he met him.

Before meeting Modi, I honestly liked him, Jaishankar said.He vividly recalled PM Modis' attention to detail and stamina.He needed a political briefing, which most chief ministers aren't bothered about, but he gave me a good reason.Look, I'm out there, he said.

However, Jaishankar said during the address that I do not want to say anything that is even a millimeter off from my national agenda.When Jaishankar met Prime Minister Modi again, he told him: It's not like you know, we had some sort of personal relationship before.It's someone I've known for about ten years.For me, his truly exceptional working practices, his vapidity, and his drive... that fire in the belly to remake the world was clearly seen, Jaishankar said.

Since winning a landslide victory in 2014, he was re-elected in 2019 after winning over the public with his charisma and his terms of service.PM Modi managed to instigate a mass acceptance movement that forged the foundations of his 20-year tenure as the government's leader, as did any of his predecessors.In his interview, Union Minister Jaishankar outlined the reason for the ascendance of someone from a humble background to India's highest office.Modi himself is a result of this shift, I would say.

Domain experts and ardent critics have contributed to this collection of chapters about the PM Modis model of leadership.Modi@20 is an extensive study of Indian Prime Ministers' governance, ranging from the grassroots change in Gujarat to the shifting political fabric of India.