LECs are being investigated for granting NU membership to phoney colleges.

Nagpur University's local inquiry committees are being scrutinized by members of the Senate . The committees are supposed to investigate the facilities and facilities offered by the colleges before recommending their affiliation .

Nagpur, India: Following an attack on bogus colleges that operate from single rooms and without infrastructure, right under the nose of the varsity administration, the role of local inquiry committees (LECs) of Nagpur University has been scrutinized.The LECs are supposed to investigate the facilities and facilities offered by the colleges before recommending their affiliation.The committees are also required to investigate the number of teachers and non-teaching staff in the colleges.The university grants status as per their report and recommendation.

They claimed that a few select senior members were appointed in over 60 such LECs, in defiance of NU rules that limit their number.The members also asserted that the LECs blindly assign affiliation in exchange of packets to colleges that operate without teachers and facilities.Many such colleges have sprung up in the four districts that fall under the university's jurisdiction, or are running from one room, or are running from Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (HBT) Arts and Commerce College, which is situated in a decaying building, according to the statutory members.Sanjay Dudhe, a pro-VC, refused to hear from anyone requesting his comments.Former pro-VC GS Parasher filed a police lawsuit against LEC members who had submitted false reports and suggested affiliation, despite the need for reinspection of all colleges.

All of these committees are managed by the pro-VC and they are given names.He should have ensured that honest members were elected to such boards, a Senate member said.Deans, too, have a vital part to play in an LEC, and they also control member selections.The deans seem to have been marginalized by the new regime.Even when this issue was discussed in the Senate session, the administration attempted to deflect it.

We had a call from a college in Ashti, which refused to accept poor girls for the NU exams due to financial difficulties that resulted from the Covid pandemic.We advised the VC to take steps against such deficient learning facilities that lack teachers and facilities.We also wanted an academic review of all such organizations and a white paper based on the findings.He said that we are all aware of many such entities that are under NU control, but that no action has been taken to date.