Legendary Pakistani Pacer Explains Virat Kohli's Bowling Style

Wasim Akram is considered to be one of the greatest pacers ever . Former Pakistan captain said he would feel confident bowling to Virat Kohli because he would be new to the field .

Virat Kohli struts out past the boundary ropes and into the middle.He takes guard and prepares to face the bowler.Wasim Akram is getting ready to steam in at the other end.That would be a challenge, wouldn't it?

So, when asked how he would feel and do if he were in his prime and bowling to Kohli, the former Pakistan captain said that he would feel confident bowling to Kohli because he would be new to the crease with only a few wickets to lose.To take on a Kohlis-type figure, he said he would bring out his entire set of tricks.I would have had a lot of faith.If he is bowling at 3 or 4, it means two wickets are out, and it means he is new to the field.

I'll bowl him a bouncer with a fielder in the deep and then with the fielder called in.I'd try all the little tricks, he said.Akram completed 104 Tests and 356 ODIs, taking 414 and 502 wickets in both formats, each totaling 257 runs.