Look east: Delhi's wettest district is in the east

Delhi received 15.8mm of rainfall between June 1 and 23, up from 38.7mm last year . The city received 53.4mm of rain, compared to the expected 49.5mm .

Delhi's total rainfall deficit has increased to 59% in June, with the monsoon yet to arrive in the capital.According to data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the rainfall has been uneven.So far this season, the east district has received 73.2mm of rain, the highest among all districts.Although only the north-east district is in the normal range, others are unable to get enough rain, with IMD placing them either in the deficit or high deficit categories.

According to the results, four districts west, south-west, north-west, and central are in the top four counties: 94 percent, 76 percent, 74%, and 65 percent.In the deficit category, three districts are included: New Delhi, north Delhi, and south Delhi.Met officials said the only areas in the two largest excess and excess categories are east and north-east, and they said they received more rain because they are located near Haryana.Following a western disturbance over Haryana between June 17 and 22, the eastern side of districts has received more rain as a result of induced circulation, according to R K Jenamani, senior scientist, IMD.

Rain fell from June 16 to June 16, but on some days, only a hint of rain was seen.After the arrival of the monsoon, the capital could receive more rain, according to the Met department.Monsoon in Delhi is expected to start on June 27.Jenamani said that we are monitoring the situation.

If it falls between -19% and 19%, it is considered normal, with an excess of between 20% and 59%.Where rainfall is 60% higher than normal, a significant excess has been reported.In the pre-monsoon season, i.e., March 1 to May 31, the capital's overall rainfall was in the normal range.The city received 53.4mm of rain, compared to the expected 49.5mm.