Lucknow: A taxi driver who had minor injuries was discovered dead.

Rajesh Dwivedi, 42, was discovered dead in his car early on Thursday morning . His wife and two teenage sons are among the survivors .

LUCKNOW: In the Dilkusha area of Cantonment, a taxi driver was discovered dead in his car early on Thursday.The deceased, a transport Nagar resident, was discovered lying in the car park.Rajesh Dwivedi, 42, was identified as Rajesh Dwivedi, the deceased.Locals contacted police, who eventually alerted Dwivedis' wife, Sheila.

His wife and two teenage sons are among the survivors.He used to drive the car as a private taxi in exchange for a set monthly fee.The accident was suspected to be an accident by police, but a family alleged it to be a case of murder and lodged a lawsuit against unidentified individuals.Prachi Singh, the deputy commissioner of police, East Zone, said the police department discovered Dwivedi in the front left seat of the vehicle, while his shoes were underneath the driving seat.

It appeared that the car was speeding past something.The front left wheel's tyre was tear apart, cracking the rim.This happens only when a vehicle is driven for 2-3 km with a punctured tyre.After the tyre burst, the vehicle seems to have collided with something.

The postmortem (PM) examination report and Sheilas statements, on the other hand, raised the question.During the autopsy, no serious injuries were discovered on the body, although the exact cause of death could not be determined.The heart has been preserved for further forensic investigation, according to police.Sheila's complaint states that her husband left home around 7 p.m. on Wednesday, saying he had to pick up a client from the airport.

The police called me in the morning to inform me of the shooting.I noticed signs of stumbling in the car and a neck injury.My husband escorted a state minister's car, she said.According to a police report, the Dwivedis phone was missing from his vehicle.