M M Mani calls Basheers' comments foolish

Udumbanchola MLA P K Basheer made racist remarks against him . Udumbanchola MLA M M Mani said he was unable to respond to his racial remarks .

M M Mani, the CPM leader and Udumbanchola MLA, said that IUML MLA P K Basheers' racist remarks against him were proof of his stupidity and that there was no reason to respond to such insulting remarks.I had been engaged in a strong argument in the room, and when I told him something dramatic, he closed his mouth.In the current situation, I am unable to respond to his racial remarks.When I talk to him, I will directly ask him about his remark, Mani said.

In a Facebook post, former Pembilai Orumai leader Gomathi Augustine offered her help to Mani on the issue.I have a lot of faults with Mani, but Gomathi wrote that I cant accept or accept Basheer's racial remarks against him when referring to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayans' aversion toward black color.Because his eyes and body are black, I'm curious what M M Mani will do when he arrives for the CPM state committee, according to Basheer.