Madan Lal expresses his sorrow at Andrew Symonds' tragic death.

Madan Lal recalls the monkeygate incident involving Symonds and Harbhajan Singh . Symonds is the third Australian cricket legend to pass away this year .

New Delhi (India), May 15: Madan Lal, a former India pacer, expressed sadness over the sudden death of ex Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds on Saturday and recalled his famous monkeygate incident.Symonds was a legend in Australian cricket.Whatever cricket he played, he played with a lot of passion.If you remember, he had a monkey gate controversy with the Indian team.

The monkeygate incident occurred in Sydney in 2008 during a Test series between India and Australia.Harbhajan Singh, a former Indian spinner, assaulted him during a match against which Symonds mistook it for a monkey and used it as a racial insult.Harbhajan was banned from the following Test in Perth after a formal meeting with the umpires and the referee.This incident sparked a lot of backlash against Symonds, who was bitter and lonely.India has a close relationship with Australia.

When Harbhajan and Symonds played for Mumbai Indians together, they both played for one team, and when you play for your team you play to win and as teammates, your bonding improves.In sports such as cricket, India and Australia both try to win and, in doing so, many controversy arise, said Madan Lal.This is yet another tragic loss to Australian cricket.Following the tragic deaths of Shane Warne and Rod Marsh in March, Symonds is the third Australian cricket legend to pass away this year.It's sad first Rodney Marsh, then Shane Warne, and now Andrew Symonds.

Harbhajan Singh must be very sad to hear about his death, said Madan Lal, who served 26 Tests for Australia and was an integral part of Australia's white-ball teams that dominated the world between 1999 and 2007.