Madhya Pradesh plans to develop Kaliasot Dam as a tourism destination.

Water resources department wants to make Kolar dam more tourist-friendly . Water resources minister Tulsiram Silawat has been asked to further refine and beautify the area around the dam .

BHOPAL: To attract more visitors to the areas around Kolar dam, the water resources department has decided to beautify them and make them more tourist-friendly.During an investigation of the dam's water resources, fisherman's welfare and fisheries development minister Tulsiram Silawat and officials issued directives for the same.The water resources minister has been asked to further refine and beautify the area around the dam to make it a tourist attraction during the inspection.According to Silawat, it will help the locals find jobs.

Other activities were discussed in conjunction with tourism to the Kaliasot Dam, including filming, a water sports center, accommodation for visitors near the dam, restaurants for food and drink, a children park, and parking.The minister was furious because the water was coming from the gate.He reprimanded the authorities and said that not a single drop of water should be wasted.He urged the concerned officer to pay attention to the maintenance of the gate and prevent water wastage.

After negotiating with the authorities, the appropriate steps for protection of the dam and gate maintenance were given.On the occasion, Executive Engineer Nitin Kuhikar, Sub-Divisional Officer Avinash Sahu, Executive Engineer (Electrical Engineering) Manoj Mishra, and several officers were present.