Magnus Carlsen has now added the identity of the drama's teen mentor.

Magnus Carlsen has added a name to his page to his profile page . The Norwegian world champion said he could not recall losing to Hans Niemann .

PUNE: Magnus Carlsen is now not formally indicating his one-way departure.He has now added a name to his page.Hans Niemanns coach, Maxim Dlugy, is the subject of this article.Carlsen said he could not recall losing to Hans Niemann, a 19-year-old American GM, after finishing on top with 34 points and a rating result of Elo 2939 in the online rapid Generation Cup league phase.

You should also know that people will arrive at their own conclusion, and they certainly have.I have to say, I am very impressed by Niemanns play and his mentor, Maxim Dlugy, is doing a fantastic job.Dlugy is a super vivacious kid.The Soviet-turned-American has been a former president of the US Chess Federation, an Olympian, and has worked with the Russian Growth Fund on Wall Street.

Before being cleared, he was charged in Russia in 2005 with embezzlement.TimesViewMagnus Carlsen is a chess genius.His latest behavior against rising star Hans Niemann leaves much to be desired.Carlsen should either make a direct argument with evidence or abandoning his conduct as he is.

An online club is planning to ban him for cheating.However, this can't be confirmed because many internet sites operate in a clandestine fashion.Carlsen has lost two games to Niemann recently, in an online game and during an over-the-board classical tournament in St Louis.Niemann was also played on the Miami beach in a casual game.

After the tournament, he hoped to say a little bit more.On Thursday, the world No.1 was due to meet Armenia's Levon Aronian in a four-game quarterfinal.The semifinals take place on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, the two-set championship match will be played.

Arjun is in Niemanns half of the draw, while Pragg is in Carlsens half.