Maharashtra: Five apartments were occupied despite the building being deemed hazardous.

Residents of Ulhasnagar building in Mumbai have been identified as three members of the Dhanwani family . Priya (24), her mother Renu (55) and father Dholandas (58) have been identified as the deceased individuals .

MUMBAI: Three members of the Dhanwani family died when a slab collapsed in a Ulhasnagar building.Priya (24), her mother Renu (55) and father Dholandas (58) have been identified as the deceased individuals.In the last 12 years, 38 buildings in Ulhasnagar collapsed, some of which were partially constructed, killing 42 people and leaving at least 5,000 people homeless.Locals called up the fire brigade and the police on Thursday afternoon, who were notified of the explosion's loud sounds and started to clear the wreckage in the hopes of finding survivors.

Priya was admitted to Ulhasnagar Central Hospital, where she was declared dead.The victim, a fourth floor resident, sustained a minor hand injury.Officials said it was unclear where exactly he was in the building's building premises when it collapsed.The rescue mission lasted more than four hours.

Nevertheless, the rescue operation was called off around 5 p.m. after all the rubble had been cleared and no one was found.After the accident, the shopkeepers left their stores.ViewpointThe concerns raised by residents are acute.In these building accidents, too many people are dying.

Although the building contains 20 flats and four commercial buildings, only five of the homes have been used.All of the other residents had sold their flats to a builder who had bought them shortly after the building was declared unsafe, while a few other residents had relocated elsewhere.The building was completed between 1993 and 1994.According to reports, nearly 90% of the buildings that had sprouted in Ulhasnagar in the early 90s have collapsed in recent times because of the poor quality of Ulwe cement used.

Shimpi said that the residents failed to get the investigation underway.The municipal commissioner and a few other senior officials were among those on the scene, along with officials from the fire brigade and the police.According to police deputy commissioner Prashant Mohite, an accidental death report will be filed for the time being until the police investigation is complete.