Maharashtra: The first dosage of Corbevax was administered to 56 percent of children aged 12 to 14.

Maharashtra has 56% first-dose coverage of intended population . The second-dose rate is around 22 percent .

PUNE: The state has reported 56% first-dose coverage of the intended population, two months since the Corbevax drive began testing for the 12-14 age group.The second-dose rate is around 22 percent.Although vaccination coverage in the state has slowed across age groups, officials said they expect them to increase in the 12- to 14-age bracket as schools reopen after the summer holidays.In Corbevax coverage, Nashik, Sangli, and Ahmednagar currently lead, though Pune and Mumbai reported figures that are below the state average.

Also in Pune, Thane, and Nagpur, low turnouts have been reported.Although the cities are seeing good coverage in other age groups, a health official said that the attention should also be on the 12-14 age range.Following the decrease in cases, covid-19 vaccination rates among children had drastically decreased, but the situation worsened after the summer holidays began.As they were closed, we were unable to offer special camps in schools.

In Maharashtra, poor coverage has also led to a rise in Corbevax use.The state's average vaccine wastage is around 5%, but officials suspect the rate of corbevax use will be higher.According to a new study by the health department, Corbevax net waste in the state is estimated to be about 9%, with some districts recording rates of as high as 20%.According to data, 15 districts saw Corbevax wastage in the double digits, with Gondia accounting for 20% and Osmanabad accounting for 18.5%.

A Corbevax vial must be used up within six hours once opened.The short time between doses could increase Corbevax coverage, but it is one thing that could save the patient.There is just a month's difference between the two doses.According to a Pune vaccination official, this, in combination with special camps at schools, could help change the situation in big cities.

As this is a new vaccine, there is some resistance among parents.According to the official, we use statistics charts to remind students that many students have taken the shot.Authorities in Mumbai said that tests, Covid trends, and the summer holidays slowed their Corbevax drives.In March, the number of Covid cases dropped.

According to BMCs health officer Dr Mangala Gomare, we are now hoping that turnout will increase in June.