Maharashtra: The government prioritises e-registration of properties in the lead-up to the holiday season.

More developers will soon have software to register first-sale units . More than 7,000 units have been registered with the software from designers offices .

PUNE: In the run-up to Dasara and Diwali, the property registration department has reached out to more developers around the state to start e-registration of first-sale units from their offices.Over 400 developers have applied for the facility as a result of the latest technology available.Following due diligence, more realtors who have registered with Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) will soon have the software, according to a senior property registration official.In the last few months, more than 7,000 units have been registered with the software from the designers offices.

The aim is to see more developers opt for e-registration.He said that this would reduce the need for sub-registrar offices, adding that developers would be trained in the process and that workshops were being held at various exhibitions.According to statistics released by the department, 423 applications were received from developers, of which 363 were accepted.Although 7,000 to 7,000 units have been registered through various build offices, 1,27,595 will be registered in the coming days, according to the official.

In October 2021, the developers offices began to offer an e-registration service.Almost all programmers were trained well before they started the process.Suhas Mapari, an associate IGR (IT), said the response has been positive.He said that blockchain technologies will be used to prevent any duplication of the original deals from occurring.

The electronic-registration forms are being made available to them.In the second stage, we will have a unique number on the registered property documents.Bankers can type in the numbers in the system and compare the papers.According to him, a mismatch will mean that the papers were intercepted.

Maximum builders will carry out the registration process from their offices by the end of the year.