Maharashtra: The most coveted Shiv Sena seat's MLA joins the Shindes rebel camp

Three more Shiv Sena MLAs join Guwahati rebel camp . Three more Shiv Sena MLAs join Eknath Shinde faction .

MUMBAI (MUMBAI) On Wednesday night, three more Shiv Sena MLAs joined the Guwahati rebel camp, adding to the number required by the Eknath Shinde faction to form a separate unit or assert control of the group.Mahim MLA Sada Sarvankar was one of three who defected, and it may be an indication of how deep the Sena leadership resentment is.Sarvankar is an MLA from the prestigious Mahim constituency, which is the seat of Shiv Sena Bhavan and Shivaji Park, where the Sena was established.Political observers claim that Sarvankars' expulsion from the Shinde camp highlights the severity of the disconnect between the leadership, especially chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, and his MLAs, as well as the escalating dissatisfaction with the Yuva Sena leadership, led by Uddhavs son, environment minister Aaditya Thackeray.

He represents the heart of the Shiv Sena, or Dadar, or the Sena's pulse.If an MLA from Dadar is dissatisfied and no longer wishes to work with the leadership, it shows that the gap was large, and that the accusations of the rebel faction that the CM was surrounded by a coterie that controlled access are true.One would guess that Sarvankar, being a Dadar MLA, would have had access.However, his departure indicates that he too was isolated, according to the observer.

The Sena has 13 MLAs in Mumbai, none of whom except Aaditya, who was appointed a minister in the MVA government.MLCs such as Anil Parab and Subhash Desai were made ministers on the other hand.Sena had selected Uddhav Thackeray as the state's first chief minister, according to the group.Since taking the oath as CM, CM Thackeray himself became an MLC.

Although the Shiv Sena has district chiefs and city chiefs for other Maharashtra districts, no district chiefs and no district chief exist in Mumbai.Since the time of Senas, the Thackerays have held Mumbai directly under a network of vibhag pramukhs (zonal chiefs) and shakha pramukhs (branch chiefs).One would not have predicted that MLAs from Mumbai would rebel and join Shinde, who is still a Thane leader but does not have a pan-Maharashtra base.Allerdings, this also shows that the lack of interaction with the administration and resentment in this unexplained Maha Vikas Aghadi had not even occurred with Mumbai MLAs.

MLAs like Sarvankar have now reacted to this as they had a chance, according to a Sena functionary.