Mahimananda Mishra's son gets arrested by the CBI for bribery in the Paradip Port Trust case.

The son of prominent Odisha industrialist Mahimananda Mishra arrested . Shishir Das was also seized in an alleged corruption lawsuit involving Paradip Port Trust employees .

New Delhi (India), August 6: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Charchit Mishra, the son of prominent Odisha industrialist Mahimananda Mishra and MD of Stevedores Limited, on Saturday.Shishir Das was also seized in an alleged corruption lawsuit involving Paradip Port Trust employees.In the same case, the CBI arrested a Chief Mechanical Engineer from Paradip Port Trust in Odisha and three private individuals, including a conduit, middleman, etc.In the same case.

According to a senior CBI official, the two people arrested today will be brought before the court.Charchit Mishra was named on the alleged list of FIRs issued by CBI, but Shishir was arrested during an investigation after police discovered Rs 8.30 lakh out of Rs 10. lakh bribe amount kept at his home.A lawsuit was filed against the Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME), Paradip Port Trust (Odisha), and other individuals, including private individuals, private enterprises, and unknown individuals.It was found that the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Paradip Port Trust (Odisha), was in the habit of demanding and accepting bribes through his close link for delivering undue benefits to various private parties involved in the Paradip Port's operation and maintenance.

It was also reported that a private company headquartered in Cuttack (Odisha) damaged the conveyor belt running in Paradip Port while unloading cargo.The cost of repairing the conveyor belt was prohibitively high.According to the said CME in concert with conduit, middleman, and Director of, the private company obtained it fixed at the cost of Port Trust, giving the private company a huge financial gain.In return, the conduit allegedly demanded Rs.

According to reports, he received 60 lakh as a bribe for the said favor on behalf of CME.Moreover, he collected the bribe amount of Rs.60,000.Cuttack purchased 25 lakh and retreated Rs.

10 lakh for themselves.Additionally, it was revealed that the conduit gave Rs.50,000 in cash to the contractor.The accused mechanical engineer had reportedly recorded a house in Bhubaneshwar with 10 lakh, and the CBI intercepted the said conduit in Paradip and recovered Rs.

He is suspected of taking 5 lakh of bribe money from him.Later, Rs The alleged bribe was paid for by 18.30 lakh.Rs.20,000 is required to pay Rs.

The residence of the Chief Mechanical Engineer's home, along with 20.25 lakh (approximately), was searched at 15 locations, including in Paradip, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, and Bhubaneshwar.41 lakh (approximately) was recovered from the premises of the said private company's CEO.