Man In Uttar Pradesh Arrested For Flying Pakistan Flag

Police arrested man for allegedly waving national flag at his house . Flag was erected at house in Vedupar Mustaquil village in Uttar Pradesh .

Uttar Pradesh: Police said on Saturday that a man was arrested in Uttar PradeshsKushinagar for allegedly waving the Pakistans national flag at his house.The flag was erected at a house in Vedupar Mustaquil village in the district's Tariya Sujan police station, according to Additional Superintendent of Police Ritesh Kumar Singh.The flag was taken down as soon as police had information about it, according to him.Salman (21) is the man arrested on suspicion of treason.

In addition, Imrans cousin Imran will be charged with juvenile justice charges for aiding Salman in hoisting the flag, according to him.