Mangroves will be audited by a state institution, says the forest minister

Goa forest minister Vishwajit Rane announces that the state environment ministry will fund a special body to monitor mangroves in Goa . Rane said that no one is aware of the importance of mangroves to the coastal ecosystem .

Panaji: Forest minister Vishwajit Rane announced on Saturday that the state environment ministry would fund a special body to monitor mangroves in Goa to ensure the conservation of mangroves.The joint effort of @goaforests and the government will develop a strategy for the maintenance of mangroves & work on protection, as well as improve the quality of mangroves.Mangroves are incredibly important to our coastal ecosystems, and we will continue to take all steps to protect and conserve them, Rane tweeted.After the tenant association of the local comunidade was found to be responsible for the destruction of 29 mangrove trees at Merces in May, the forest minister said that actions such as dumping garbage and filling up mangrove areas would be taken seriously.

The Goa Conservation of Trees Act, 1984, makes mangrove destruction an offence.Rane had instructed forest officials to figure out the root of mangrove destruction in Merces and take legal action against those who harm the coastal ecosystem.Goa has a wide range of mangrove forests, measuring 27 sq km.Around 900ha of mangrove forests are found along the Zuari estuary, 700ha along the Mandovi estuary, and 200ha along the Cumbharjua canal in Goa, out of a total of 45 species surveyed in India.Mangroves and their surviving species are rich in bio-active compounds that are important for effective prevention of diseases, but the full potential of this biodiversity has yet to be analyzed and exploited.Natural mangrove regeneration is often described in saline ecosystems such as the khazan lands, while the Mangrove Society of India has also spearheaded some re-plantation efforts.