Maoists stage a massive demonstration alongside locals in Bastar as a sign of strength

Around 10,000 villagers march to end a week-long tribute to fallen comrades . Videos of rally show armed rebels in black PLGA fatigue and some in red .

RAIPUR: On August 3, Maoist insurgents staged a show of force in the Bijapur and Sukma districts of Chhattisgarhs Bastar district by mobilizing what could be around 10,000 villagers on a slogan-shouting long march to bring an end to their Shaheedi Saptah, which was a week-long tribute to fallen comrades.Videos of the rally, which was led by senior commanders, many of whom came from Telangana, showed armed rebels in black PLGA fatigue and some in red, according to reports.In some pictures, Maoists salute a 64-ft-high memorial built in honor of soldiers killed in shootouts.From July 27 to August 3, Maoists observe martyrs week, according to IG P Sundarraj.

For the past four decades, this has been their mode of operation.Areas under Maoist rule have greatly diminished in the last two years.In the last three years, we've opened up more than 43 camps.