Mayors will ask state governments to execute the 74th Amendment Bill.

President of All India Mayors Council Naveen Jain said the 74th Amendment would further empower mayors and corporators of Kanpur . Jain said that the PM and the chief ministers will soon meet and discuss the proposal .

Kanpur, March 2, 2017: The president of All India Mayors Council decided to urge their states to implement the 74th Constitutional Amendment Bill to promote local autonomy in their states on Saturday.On the final day of the two-day meeting, Naveen Jain, president of All India Mayors Council, not only demanded that the Amendment Bill be implemented but also claimed that some states were refusing to adopt it due to fear that the bill would give mayors more rights.Jain said the 74th Amendment would further empower mayors and corporators of Kanpur, as well as strengthening their duties towards the public.Jain said that the Central government should also recommend the adoption of an All India Municipal Act and the establishment of municipal cadre in the Indian Administrative Services, while an IAS officer who is moved to a municipal corporation just goes his time there.

Jain said that they will pay more attention to the development of the cities on this basis.In a meeting with media representatives, he said that the Prime Minister and the chief ministers will soon meet and discuss the proposal.He further said that the issues of water conservation and an increase in the city's green cover were also discussed.Satish Mahana, the speaker of the UP Assembly and local MLA, said he was familiar with the challenges of the cities because he was involved with urban growth.

If Indore can achieve the status of the country's most pristine capital, why not some?Mahana said that a fine city must be a city of fines, adding that to keep the city clean, it must be prepared for fines for any unconstitutional civic act.Fines will force the people to follow municipal rules and keep the city neat and tidy.Mayors should look at offering services to their residents, he said, considering that by 2035, about 50% of India's population will live in cities.

He said, They should keep in mind the transfer of people from villages to cities.Umesh Gautam urged that corporators also be compensated for their services because they are also public representatives.He encouraged the state government to free Awasthapana's funds so that the state's planned programs would be completed in the public's interest.The mayor of Raipur said the next mayors conference would be held in Raipur.

He also argued that every corporator should have a home in his immediate area.Mayor Pramila Pandey of Kanpur said in her address that she would do her best to create a representative for each corporator in her district.She would meet with the chief minister to ask for KMCs' rights over gram samaj land.The vote of thanks was ordered by municipal commissioner Shiv Sharanappa.