MBBS students in Mumbai are concerned about internships before NEET 2023.

Students concerned about losing academic year due to delay in reporting of results . NEET PG 2022 exam will take place on May 21 .

Medical students who are waiting for their final year results are worried about losing an entire academic year due to a delay in the reporting of results.Students are concerned that their batch would be most likely to fail the NEET-PG 2023 because they will be unable to complete the compulsory 12-month internship after their final year of study.Following MBBS, every student must complete a 12-month internship before releasing the NEET-PG certificate.If the internship is incomplete, a candidate will not be admitted to the PG (Post Graduation) course.

According to those who want to take NEET-PG 2023, the examination will be held around the same time next year.Their MBBS results must be published now in order to begin their study, which will, according to the students, result in a postponement of the internship, which would consequently impact their PG admissions.This is because the NEET-PG exams are set to be conducted around May next year.According to a student who asked anonymity, NEET-PG is held in the first week of January.

However, the exam schedule is set this year to coincide with the pandemic.In the meantime, some students believe that with post-pandemic normalcy returning, the NEET-PG could be held earlier next year.The Supreme Court recently dismissed a petition for the extension of NEET-PG 2022, citing a need to simplify the academic years as the country comes out of a pandemic.Many students also discussed the fact that the earlier batch of interns left after they had left.

The process is being done on a war-footing.We do not want any student to miss the NEET-PG 2023, but we do not want him to miss it.In the same vein, hospitals must also recruit staff soon, he said, citing a likely delay in final year exams due to a sudden increase in Covid cases due to the spread of variants.The results of several branches have already been published.