Men's sexual health is critical to their overall health and well-being.

Dr Sadashiv Bhole says sexual hygiene aids in maintaining mens overall health . He says men need a well-being assessment once they reach adulthood .

Mens sexual well-being has been resurrected thanks to greater awareness of their sexuality and an increase in the incidence of sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation.A good sexual hygiene, according to urologist Dr Sadashiv Bhole, also aids in maintaining men's overall health and general well-being.Dr Bhole breaks down myths and addresses the main issues surrounding the subject in an exclusive interview with the publication.Excerpts: Q.

A. Mens health refers to certain specific problems that are related to their lifestyle, sexual health, and urological conditions.In an ageing male population, these may include issues involving the prostrate, sexual health, and in general harmonal issues.Prostitution-related issues affect men at the age of 50 or when the sexual health declines.We need a different approach and attitude to address these problems.

They are also introduced and trained in andrology, which deals with men's sexual health and male infertility, while practising urology.Q.Is it necessary to pay attention to mens health only among the middle aged or elderly people?A.

When people are young, they have difficulties understanding their sexuality.They have complaints about wet dreams ejaculation during sleep.They are befuddled by this state to the point where they are unable to think clearly.People come to me fully depressed, thinking that dhaat (ejaculation) is some sort of illness.

Any extra semen the body sheds is ejaculated.Wet dreams have been associated with blindness, mental retardation, impotence, etc.since time immemorial, it is assumed that they weaken you, make you blind, cause mental retardation, etc.A young man loses concentration, is unable to study or perform his day to day tasks correctly.

How can men cope with such situations?A.We teach men that this is not a disease but a normal physical activity.If you're looking for a cheap way to kill your children?

It helps them to resume a normal sexual relationship with a regular partner, and it gives them confidence to work on their regular marriage, and it guarantees the dhaat will be gone.If a person has sex daily, he ejaculates every day.If a person does not have a regular sex partner, all of the semen produced is naturally ejaculated.So, whether you use it or not, it will be produced daily.

Is this causing erectile dysfunction (ED)?A.The number of ED patients is on the rise.Doctors aren't sure if this is due to increased awareness among couples or men who come seeking treatment or not, or if there is a real increase in the condition.

Today, ED is also known as a disease.ED was first used to describe impotence, which is not a technical term.The premature ejaculation occurs when the normal erection is followed by an ejaculation within a minute of vaginal penetration.A man and a woman are dissatisfied with the result.

Premature ejaculation can also result in psychogenic ED, according to some studies.ED is classified into two groups: the first having no anatomical abnormalities, the second being an organotype, due to a combination of psychological and social factors.The magnitude of blood vessels in those with diabetes mellitus, excessive alcohol intake, and alcoholism has decreased, which is an organic phenomenon.Q.

A.There are three areas of stress: physical, mental, and sexual.All three are important, and people have already understood it.Alcoholism has increased and is now considered a social problem.

To create ED, more smoking, opioid use, fast food restaurants, and a high fat content are adding to it.In general, if you look closely, there is also a rise in coronary heart disease cases.This means that the risk of developing ED is also increasing.Because both involve arteries, there is a peculiar association between heart disease and organic ED.

Penile disease affects about a decade before an active heart attack or stroke.It is an indicator.Q.Is the younger generation getting involved?

It's surprising that youths who do not have a regular sexual partner are realizing they are suffering from ED and are seeking treatment.Because there is so much pornographic information on the internet, they may not be organic but psychological.People also have unrealistic hopes.Q.

A.There are young couples who had been engaged for three to four years and never completed their union, even in the area.It was surprising that people committed themselves to living together.But it came at a time when they needed help, and today, women are also aware that men have problems.

In other words, couples are now straight forward in seeking consultation.They come from all socioeconomic classes and even villages.Q.Is the treatment different from case to case?

The most anxious symptoms can be resolved by therapy.A clinical examination, a reproductive function test, and an investigation are conducted.If the vessel is damaged, we may need anticoagulants or surgery in patients with severe ED.There are certain medications that have a moderate amount of relief.

The discussion here isn't confined to having an intercourse tonight.We must ensure that the patient has a high degree of erectile function throughout his life.Sildenafil, also known as Viagra, is used for short-term activity, but is used with tadalafil for 48 hours.Avanafil, taken 15 minutes before a sexual activity, is useful for couples with a hectic schedule.

Q.These tablets are used for recreation, particularly as aphrodisiac in betel leaves.Is it safe A. Sildenafil is one of the most commonly prescribed recreational drugs.It is not appropriate for a child under the age of six.

With recreational drugs, people taking sorbitrate, NTG, or those with low blood pressure can experience life threatening consequences.A visual disturbance can occur.Q.What is the best way to prevent premature ejaculation?

There was no specific method of premature ejaculation up until now.The US FDA has issued a safe drug that prolongs ejaculation.Non-ejaculation is also a problem that affects people with neurological disorders, diabetes, or pelvic surgery.It's also a case of inefficiency.

Q.What is the effect of hormonal imbalance A.In young age, testosterone or growth hormones are at their peak.Testosterone levels drop as women age 40.

The new 20s or 30s are in the 40s and 50s.During this period, testosterone levels drop, and men become sluggish or lack appetite.In an ageing population, we need to pay attention to a healthy and safe testosterone level.This is not limited to sexual health, but also to general wellness and well-being.

In the next ten years, the bulk of today's youth population will be in that age group.To address the needs of these patients' urological and sexual problems, we need a speciality.We need people who are trained in andrology, as we have different specialists.Infertility in men is a unique and complex problem.