Mohammed Azharuddin in Hyderabad accuses police of causing chaos with tickets.

Mohammed Azharuddin blamed cops for ticket chaos in Gymkhana . Azharuddin said that the police should have handled it correctly .

HYDERABAD (HYDERABAD) — Mohammed Azharuddin, the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA), blamed the cops for the ticket chaos in Gymkhana the day before, while claiming that the whole thing was heartbreaking.The cops arrested three HCA officials on Thursday, including Azhar, for the stampede that left seven people wounded.Azhar and secretary R Vijayanand's media briefing on Friday was dominated by the ticket fiasco.After a barrage of concerns, HCA officials cut the press conference, saying Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagwat was waiting to speak to reporters.

We had alerted the departments concerned about the sale in advance.We had no role to play in the meantime.What can be done if over 30,000 people land at the ground for tickets?Azhar said at the press conference that the police should have handled it correctly.

All available tickets were given to third parties for sale.How are we responsible if someone buys tickets and then sells them?It is up to the police to combat this issue.HCA has been barred from ticket sales by Vijayanand.

It was given to a third party.How are we responsible for what happened at the Gymkhana yesterday?Azhar said that 11,450 tickets were sold online on September 15.On September 22, 4,000 tickets were sold to companies, 2,100 tickets for allocated online purchases, 6,000 tickets for internal stakeholders, and 3,000 tickets were sold offline.

He said with a wry smile that complimentary tickets were a big deal.He also stated that the supervisory committee would investigate every aspect.We are accountable to the commission, and we are cautious about everything, he said.