Moong region increases by 77 percent after Punjab CM Bhagwant Manns MSP promise.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann had encouraged farmers to grow moong . Mansa topped the charts with 10,000 hectares of moong cultivation .

BATHINDA: The Punjab governments' calls for crop diversification seem to be fruitful, with the area under moong (green gram) up by 77%.It has increased by almost 16,900 hectares (42,000 acres) since it was 22,000 hectares (55,000 acres) last year to 38,900 hectares (97,000 acres) this time in the current season.Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann had encouraged farmers to grow moong, promising them that the state government would purchase it at the minimum support price (MSP).Each moong is Rs 7,275 per quintal.

Mansa topped the charts with 10,000 hectares of moong cultivation, followed by Moga (5,000 hectares) and Ludhiana (4,000 hectares), according to reports.Farmers from five villages in the Bathinda district of Golewala, Kalalwala, Natheha, Koreana, Kusla, and the neighboring village Surtia, which falls in Haryana, have seen a huge increase in sowing satthi moong, which matures in 60 days and takes 70-75 days until harvesting.Although villagers began sowing MH 421 and SML 668 varieties of moong right after wheat harvesting on April 24-25, a significant increase in sowing occurred in the last ten days after the state government announced to buy moong on MSP.Moong is expected to be harvested by the end of July.

The monsoon arrives in Punjab at that time, so the crop could not depend more on groundwater.I have sown moong in 12 acres.We will get three crops by opting for moong and will also reduce water use by up to 15% by prolonging transplantation, according to 43-year-old farmer Nirmal Singh of Golewala village in Talwandi Sabo block of Bathinda.Golewala is the chief contractor for the Bhakra main branch, and he has no shortage of canal water, but he said he would like to conserve water.

According to farmer Kulwinder Singh of Koreaa village, wheat harvesting will begin by April 20.According to Punjab agriculture and farmer welfare department director Gurvinder Singh, Moong sowing has seen a surge and we want it to gain ground.Pulses will supplement farm income and conserve water.