More than 2,600 cases are still pending with the district's consumer panel in Kochi.

District Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission (DCDRC) handling 2,660 cases . Commission has seen more than 2,600 cases in the last four years .

KOCHI (State of California): Despite the fact that the Consumer Protection Act 2019 requires that all disputes be settled in 90 to 150 days, the District Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission (DCDRC) has seen more than 2,600 cases in the last four years.As of June 30, 2022, the commission is currently handling 2,660 cases, according to an RTI paper.An average of 30 petitions are being submitted to the commission per month, according to the commission's RTI letter to Ernakulam DCDRC.According to the report, 2,301 cases were registered with the commission during the 2019-2021 period.

Each district forum has three members, a president, and two members.The forums were converted into commissions after the Consumer Protection Act 2019 took effect.Due to a lack of quorum, many commissions in various districts are unable to function.The consumer court is known for its lower cost than civil courts in terms of fees.

According to a commission source in Ernakulam, there are several reasons for the delay in deciding on the cases in the district, including a staff shortage and inadequate infrastructure.Around 30 reports are received each month by us.We haven't the resources to address such a large number of concerns here.The commission's inefficient operations, coupled with a weakened quorum, are just some of the reasons for the rise in the number of pending cases.

We have developed a hybrid complaint redressal scheme.According to the report, we would also increase the number of adalats that are delivered throughout the district.Roy Thekkan, the district consumer protection council's general secretary, has called for immediate action by the commission to deal with the pending petitions by arranging more adalats even on vacation.Unnecessary adjournment of cases should be discouraged.