Most roads have potholes that reappear after prolonged rain.

Potholes are returning to these areas as the water levels stagnate . Nagpur hotmix department has repaired 576 potholes in this monsoon .

Nagpur (Nagar): Following persistent rains in Nagpur, potholes have been resurfaced on several highways.The continuous rains, according to a senior official from Nagpur Municipal Corporations (NMC) hotmix department, have not only prevented repairs to potholes but also resulted in the construction of new potholes on roads that were already fixed, according to a citing official.Potholes are returning to these areas as the water levels stagnate.At this stage, the team took a look at several locations and discovered that potholes had been resurfacing for a fortnight or a month.This monsoon, the stretch in front of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Apartment in Zingabai Takli was updated at least three times.

Nevertheless, several large and small potholes have been patched on roads in several localities as a result of heavy rains that are now pouring down the city.The states public works department replaced the road stretch in front of the WCL headquarters in Civil Lines earlier this month.They have also appeared, as the efforts of various road owning agencies are being washed away, according to a source.A source told a news outlet that the department had planned to repair potholes in several places on Thursday.

Despite the monsoon weather, the city sees many potholes, but this year's number has increased manifold as a result of constant rain, according to the official.The hotmix department has repaired 576 potholes in this monsoon, totaling 9491.28 square meters.This was followed by the Lakadganj area, where the department filled 376 potholes.The hotmix department is also repairing 384 potholes in the Nehru Nagar zone, and the condition of tar roads in the Dhantoli zone is also bad, since the NMC has already fixed 379 potholes.