MPs from the TMC disobey party rules and vote for the other candidate in the vice presidential election.

Trinamool Congress MPs Sisir Adhikari and his son Dibeyndu Adhikari flouted party line to vote for vice presidential elections . The party had announced that TMC would not vote in the polls .

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha MPs Sisir Adhikari (Kanthi) and his son Dibeyndu Adhikari (Tamluk) flouted the party line to vote for the vice presidential elections, even though the Mamata Banerjees party had announced that TMC would refrain from voting.Sudip Bandopadhyay, the TMC leader in Lok Sabha, had officially stated the party line to the MPs in a letter dated August 4 that TMC has decided to refrain from the polls and that all of the party's members will not vote in the vice presidential polls.Bandopadhyay said after Sisir and Dibyendu were seen approaching Room No.63 in Parliament House to vote for the VP elections, it was clear which side they are and the party would decide on the best course of action.

At the Privilege Committee meeting and the disqualification process just a few days ago, we requested that their membership be disqualified.TMC is no longer accessible, according to today's progress.I hope they resign from their Lok Sabha membership in accordance with political law, he told reporters.Sisir Adhikari and his son Dibyendu, who are members of the Lok Sabha Council, are officially TMC members, but their affiliations with the group have weakened.

Although Suvendus' father and younger brother Dibyendu haven't joined the BJP yet, they have been close to the BJP camp ever since Suvendu defeated Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram last year and was elected leader of opposition by BJP in the Bengal election.Arjun Singh, the official BJP Lok Sabha MP from Barackpore, is exactly the same, with the roles of BJP and TMC being reversed.Singh, who had switched to BJP from TMC before the 2019 Lok Sabha election, returned to TMC a few months earlier, but still holds the LS tag.On Saturday, however, he refused to vote in the vice presidential elections in accordance with the TMC strategy, instead opting for Jagdeep Dhankar's official position.