Mt. Everest is scaled by two doctors from Ahmedabad.

Dr Hemant Leuva and his partner Surbhi Leuva reached the 8,849-meter peak on Friday . The Leuvas are the first doctor couple to achieve the feat, according to Rishi Bhandari, MD of Satori Adventure .

AHMEDABAD KATHMANDU (ASSEMBLY): A doctor couple from the city became the first Indian to reach Mount Everest, breaking another record.On Friday, Dr Hemant Leuva, professor of surgery at NHL Municipal Medical College, and his partner, Dr Surbhi Leuva, chief medical officer at Gujarat Vidyapith, reached the 8,849-meter peak.The Leuvas are the first doctor couple to achieve the feat, according to Rishi Bhandari, MD of Satori Adventure.Local media reported that they used the occasion to promote the slogan, Save the earth.

In 2021, the couple had climbed Mt Manaslu, an 8,163-meter peak in Nepal, which is the eighth highest peak in the country.They met at the Everest Base Camp twice.For the past several years, Dr. Hemant Leuva has been the leader of Mountain Movers, a group of enthusiasts that have organized camps for both professionals and amateurs in India and abroad.Dr Leuva attempted the climb to Mount Everest exactly a year ago, but weather prevented him from reaching the summit.

The achievement is also remarkable because the couple developed a Covid positive status in 2020.They had worked hard to save lives the entire year as nurses.But their sole focus was on the greatest prize.Any mountaineer's dream is to reach the highest peak of the world, but there must be a motivation for doing so.

Before his Mt.Everest attempt last year, Leuva told me that my goal is to raise awareness of our precious planet and fragile world.Our aim is to travel closer to nature to inspire the participants to keep it for the next generation and promote sustainable practices.The couple's varied climbs have been accompanied by a number of city-based doctors, and their congratulations began pouring in on social media early Saturday.