MU extends the admissions deadline due to a software glitch.

Mangaluru University has extended the admission deadline for first-year students . Colleges have chastised that errors in the fee payment process began two weeks ago .

Mangaluru: After colleges complained of a bigger issue in the Unified University and College Management System (UUCMS) system, Mangalore University has decided to extend the first-year admission deadline to August 16th.Candidates are unable to complete the final phase of the admission process, which is paying the fees, according to the university.From day one, the UUCMS platform has been an irritant for colleges.Colleges have chastised that errors in the fee payment process began two weeks ago and have yet to be resolved.

It was established as a central hub for admissions, assessment, affiliation, and academic pursuits throughout the state.We're having problems with the fee payment scheme, which opened 15 days earlier.We had lodged a lawsuit with the proper department, which they told us to wait until it was fixed.They announced that it had been fixed two days earlier, but when we tried logging in, the same problem emerged.

After several attempts, he said that they could pay the price of just four candidates out of 200 applicants in two days.If the payment of a candidate's check is delayed during the process, he will log in after a half-an-hour to try again.Mangalore University's registrar, Kishore C K, said the earlier deadline for admission was Saturday.We've now decided to extend the deadline until August 16, without a fine, since there are bugs in the UUCMS code.

UUCMS had issues when admissions began in June, such as students being unable to register and complete the admission formalities because the Aadhaar and PU marks linking were not completed yet.In some cases, college mapping and seat selection data were not included.