MU has been chastised for changing its vacation and evaluation timetable.

Mangalore University's end-semester schedule was criticized . The new semester classes have been delayed due to the new rules .

Professors and students chastised Mangalore University's (MU) updates to the end-semester schedule, which was criticized.Prior to the end semester exam, holidays were declared.However, from Thursday, classes for the second, fourth, and sixth semesters have begun.The examination of exam papers has been postponed, and MU has yet to announce a date for the same.

Both the schedules have been rescheduled this time, which inconveniences students and lecturers alike.The rules have been changed by the University of Manchester (MU) due to lobbying by private educational institutions.Private companies are required to earn one month of pay per month if holidays are announced, thereby eliminating the possibility of making their workers work.This scheme has been formulated to support private universities, according to a senior professor.

The staff who are occupied with exam duties are deprived of enough time to enjoy the new semester.Besides, many college campuses are suffering from a water shortage.The overwhelming majority of students wait for the exams' results, and a loss of results could deny them the opportunity to apply for several scholarship opportunities.Though classes for odd semesters started on Thursday, another college principal reported that attendance has decreased to just below 50%.

According to MU's news, the evaluation of exam papers will begin in mid-June.In the same semester, an internal assessment test will be held.According to the source, this is not a healthy strategy.When P L Dharma, the registrar (evaluation), talked with him, he explained that changes had been made to modernize the academic calendar, which is hampered by the pandemic, and denied any lobbying.

Students and professors will have to make some sacrifices.While using the newly developed University and College Management System (UUCMS), the assessment is delayed because there are no concrete guidelines for it.He continued, We will begin the assessments only after the guidelines have been submitted.