MU has been chastised for changing its vacation and exam evaluation schedules.

Mangaluru University's end-semester schedule has been revised . Students and professors are expected to make sacrifices .

Mangaluru (Manipulative Universitiies, Mangalore University (MU) changes to the end-semester schedule have been chastised by professors and students alike.On April 6, semester tests began, and ended on Wednesday.The holidays were declared shortly after the end-semester exam, as was the case previously.However, from Thursday, classes for the second, fourth, and sixth semesters have started.

Students are given two to three weeks of leave after the end-semester exam, according to a senior professor, and an evaluation is carried out during the same time.The schedule has been revised this time, affecting students and lecturers alike.The rules have been modified by the MU due to lobbying by private educational institutions.Private businesses are expected to receive one month of pay per month if holidays are scheduled.

The principal of a government first grade college sent a letter to MU requesting that the varsity postpone the new semester classes until May 23.There are no holidays available for employees who are busy with research duties before the new semester starts.Besides, many college campuses are struggling with a water shortage.The majority of students wait for their results from the exam, and the delay in results will deny them admission to several scholarship programs.

Students need a break after the end semester exam, and they are ineligible to start class immediately, according to the principal.The study of exam papers will be conducted in mid-June, according to MU's announcement.During the same semester, an internal assessment exam will be held.According to the source, this is not a good idea.

Students and professors are expected to make some sacrifices.If using the recently introduced Unified University and College Management System (UUCMS), the review is postponed because there are no specific guidelines for it.He said that we will start evaluating them only after the recommendations are received.