Munaf Patel is looking for quick bowlers with potential for the Indian team.

Munaf Patel is scouting for fast bowlers in the villages of Bharuch and Vadodara . The fast bowler was one of the secret weapons of the 2011 cricket world cup-winning Indian team .

Vadodara (Gujarat) India, August 6 (PNN): Munna, Munna, were widespread on the cricket grounds of Bharuch and Vadodara, as well as at the international level.He became one of the secret weapons of the 2011 cricket world cup-winning Indian team, whose magic was so intense.This former cricketer has now pledged himself to the development of a cavalry of fast bowlers like himself.We are talking about none other than Munaf Patel, also known as Ikhar Express, who terrorized some of the world's best batsmen with bowling speeds of 140 kmph and more.

Munaf Patel is a new Munaf Patel for the Indian cricket team, and his hard work and dedication will lead to the development of Munaf in the Indian cricket team.With the help of Aditya Birla Capital, the Baroda Cricket Association is conducting a talent search, and Munaf is the scout and mentor.Munaf is scouting for fast bowlers in the villages of Bharuch and Vadodara.Munaf says his focus is on discovering cricketing talent from villages and preparing them for the Indian team.

Since all three players are from small villages, I am confident we will see fruitful results in the coming days, says Abdullah Khan, whose father was a farmer in the Ikhar village of Bharuch.He used to play the sport only as a hobby, but his name was extended to nearby villages as a fast bowler and a wicket taker.Munaf's father wanted him to be playing for fun, but not for fun.The fast bowler was required to work in a tile manufacturing plant with a daily wage of Rs.

He was also encouraged to play cricket by his classmates, who he admired.In Bharuch and Vadodara, the name Munna started to appear around cricket grounds.He used to play cricket with the season ball in slippers, but the situation was so dire that he couldn't escape.Munaf was aided by Kiran More and Sachin Tendulkar, one of the NRIs from the village, Yusufbhai Patel, who provided shoes and sponsorship for his professional training at the Baroda Cricket Association.

But fate had other plans when a retired wicketkeeper saw Munaf and saw his potential.Munaf began playing first-class cricket for Gujarat soon after.More later, he was accepted to the MRF Pace Institute, where he met with Dennis Lillee.Munaf was praised by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and asked him to play in the Ranji Trophy for Mumbai in 2006.

He won 7 for 97, the best result for an Indian fast bowler on his test debut.He was also chosen for the 2007 world cup squad, but the squad made a late departure.He was a regular in the squad for tests, ODIs, and T20s, as well as in the IPL.Munaf was included in the 2011 world cup squad after being pulled out of the squad due to an injury.

Munaf was dubbed the unsung hero of the world cup triumph by bowling coach Eric Simons.Munaf's career was cast into doubt after an ankle injury kept him out of action for six months before returning to the Indian team.He played for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL for six seasons, but went unpicked in 2014.He was picked by the Gujarat Lions for Rs.

Munaf was offered 30 lakh dollars in compensation in 2018, but injuries forced him to cut his playing career short.Munaf has taken 199 wickets in tests, ODIs, T20s, and IPL matches.Munaf bowled at speeds of 140 kmph and more regularly, becoming a rare bowler who could swing the ball both ways.Munaf is grateful to God for the heights he reached in his life.

He is aimed at making up for it by actively playing a key role in the recruitment and training of new fast bowlers.