Mundka fire in Delhi: Called my spouse one final time to see me, is lucky to be alive, says survivor

Pushpa Panwar, Pushpa Panwar, Pushpa's partner, Jitender Singh Panwar, survived the fire at Mundka . Pushpa was assembling the antenna of Wi-Fi routers when the fire broke out .

New Delhi: Pushpa Panwar is grateful beyond measure for surviving the fire at Mundka on Friday.She had even called her husband and asked him to see her for the last time, but all she lost in the melee was her slippers.When the power went out, we were doing our normal assembly jobs in our electrical appliances factory.Our workplace was soon engulfed in smoke, said Pushpa.

I saw a crane outside and jumped out and ran to safety.Pushpa was at the fire station on Saturday, asking for information about her co-workers.Her partner, Jitender Singh Panwar, was with her.I rushed to Mundka when she called me and asked me to see her for the last time, he said, I needed to call her.

With a crane nearby, I saw my wife and her friends standing near the window.Some people jumped onto the crane, but she was unable to do it at once.She took the leap and clung onto the crane boom, but she didn't stop there until she did.When the fire broke out, Pushpa, who worked at the factory for around nine months, was assembling the antenna of Wi-Fi routers.

But we also noticed thick smoke rising up.We don't know how, but the main gate to the house was locked and nobody could reach it.We later saw the crane.Those of us that are heavier in build couldn't get on to the crane, but I and others were able to help ourselves.

The entire team and staff were present, according to him, and a conference was underway.The fire was only apparent when the lights went on and the door was opened for someone to open to start the generator.We screamed for help and called 911, urging the locals to pull us to safety.We were able to save ourselves and rescue others by arranging a rope.

Kajal Puri, 21, is also a lucky survivor.When attempting to leave the house through a shattered window, the Nangloi woman suffered a scarring experience.She was sliding down to the ground on a rope when she suddenly let it fall, causing her leg to hurt.On Saturday, after being admitted to a hospital, Kajal arrived at the site of the fire, eager to learn about her missing friends who used to work with her.

The 21-year-old was irritated by the fact that Muskan, one of her best friends, is now all in ruin.Shamshad, 28, was one of those who rescued themselves by leaping from a window before the fire engulfed the factory premises.Several of us were trapped on the first floor.He said, We broke the glass panes of the window and came down with the aid of ladders and ropes or simply leapt down.

Priyanka attempted to smash the glass panes before attempting to jump down.For the first time, I was trapped in such a situation, said the 35-year-old.In the midst of panic, I also forgot my son's phone number.It was an extremely terrible event.

When the smoke started to fill the second floor, several people seemed to be unconscious.Priyanka has been in the packaging division at the factory for one and a half months.She was thrilled to see a rope dangling outside, which she was glad for.Due to the fire, the rope was heating up, but I slid down it to escape.

Priyanka is the only bread earner for her family, and she lives in Mundka with her son.(With help from PiyalBhattacharjee,) a.f.