Mundka fire in Delhi: The North Corporation has requested a building report within 48 hours and has ordered a survey in all zones.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation orders probe into Mundka fire that claimed at least 27 lives . North Delhi Municipal Corporation commissioner orders probe into non-conforming industrial units .

NEW DELHI: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has opened an investigation into the devastating fire in Mundka on Friday that claimed at least 27 lives.On Saturday, the civic body commissioner asked the other commissioner of the Narela zone to look into the fire and prepare a report in 48 hours.According to Sanjay Goel, north corporation commissioner, we have ordered an investigation to determine some truth about the building.All the zones have also been asked to carry out similarly detailed surveys in their respective territories.

The additional commissioner's investigation into the Mundka fire will focus on conditions such as the location of the building, whether it is a residential, lal dora, agriculture, or other categories, the building's year of construction, the height of the building, whether the building was approved or not, the purpose for which it was constructed, and whether this purpose was feasible or not.Goel ordered officials on Saturday to perform a detailed investigation of all the areas of non-conforming industries and to issue alerts to the violating establishments, as a result of inquiries on the role and responsibility of civic bodies in such establishments.In this regard, the commissioner has ordered a take-action report within ten days.In his third order, the commissioner directed all the respective zonel deputy commissioners to inspect the industrial estates and directed the factory licensing department to give unit owners seven days to get their paperwork updated.

Industrial units that fail to obtain a new factory license or online renewal by the government would lead to prosecution under the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, according to the civic body.According to Goel, the building complex in Mundka might have obtained the necessary permissions from self-attested papers posted online, but it was still unclear if the building was illegal and operating without a factory license.