Municipal Corporation of Delhi seizes upon scrap in order to reap financial rewards.

Waste-to-Wonder Park at Sarai Kale Khan at Sarai Kale Khan used 150 tonnes of scrap metal . The park netted Rs 10.5 crore till June 12, attracting 19 lakh visitors in the process .

NEW DELHI: The idea of using old garbage that has been sitting vacant at municipal stores for years to create innovative recreation areas has not only helped to recycle waste material, but also served as a source of income for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.This is encouraging the municipal body to make more such parks with popular themes possible.The municipal corporation paid Rs 7.5 crore to design the first park of the genre, the Waste-to-Wonder Park at Sarai Kale Khan.However, after its inauguration in February 2019, it netted Rs 10.5 crore till June 12, attracting 19 lakh visitors in the process.

It used 150 tonnes of metal scrap material, piqued a lot of interest.According to an MCD official, an average of 5,000 visitors per day came to see replicas of global attractions made out of scrap metal in its first year.MCD is working on phase II of the project to maintain interest among visitors.The park will be known as Dinosaur Park and will feature eight of the prehistoric reptilian giants, as well as slides, jumping areas, and other activities for children.

The footfall fell for a short time as a result of the pandemic, but has now increased, according to a source.Following the monsoons, we expect to see 3,000 people going to the park every day.Officials observed that common choice influenced the majority of decisions regarding the topics of these waste-to-art projects.How a particular theme was presented at the park was more important, they said.

According to a source, we used multi-colour lights and soothing music to highlight the 14 states' history at Bharat Darshan Park.MCD is now planning a similar attraction at ITOs Shaheedi Park.Lieutenant governor V K Saxena laid the foundation stone of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Park, which will showcase Indias history, on July 23 and has a deadline of December 1 for the parks' opening.MCD has also envisioned a Bollywood Park in Jangpura, Ajmal Khan Park in Karol Bagh, and Celebration Park in east Delhi.