My professional boxing career is entering a new phase, and this is simply the first step: Singh, Vijender

Indian boxer Vijender Singh announces he will fight Ghanas Eliasu Sulley in August . Sulley says he will turn the tables on the knockout .

RAIPUR (Retailing from the Indian boxing manual): Vijender Singh, an Indian boxer who has a stellar track record and a warning to retire, announced on Saturday that his next fight against Ghana's Eliasu Sulley will bring a new phase in his career.Vijender, an Olympic bronze medalist who has been training in Manchester for over a year, said he is battle ready.Vijender said that this is just a stepping stone into a new era in my professional boxing career.Sulley enters the match with the name The Jungle in the Rumble, having already earned eight knockouts to his name.

I know the audience will cheer him on at the fight, but I know how to silence them all.I think Vijender hasn't been fit enough, I saw his last fight and it's time for him to retire, as I thought.According to Sulley, this fight will be a farewell to him from my side, with a knockout of course.Vijender, who was calmly looking at his opponent, had nothing to say.

On August 17, the match will be held in Raipur.I am not bothered by what my opponent is saying, Vijender said, and it shows that he has not completed his background check.I will turn the tables on the knockout and am eager to get into the ring with him.The Balbir Juneja Stadium will host the Jungle in The Rumble.