Nagathihalli launches the film workshop and emphasises the value of education

Nagathihalli Chandrashekar inaugurated a workshop on film production at the University of Mysore . He said that in the world of cinema, there are positive opportunities to improve .

Mysuru: It's the desire to learn that makes one curious and excel in his chosen field, said noted film director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar here on Thursday.After inaugurating a workshop on film production hosted by the Dasara Film Sub-committee at the University of Mysore, he addressed the audience.During Dasara, the authorities created several platforms, which people should use, he said.Creativity cannot be taught by anyone, he said.

Cinema is made up of web-series and documentaries.He said that in the world of cinema, there are positive opportunities to improve.He said that cinema has its own syntax and rules.Young people and adults alike should focus on cinema, which is a great contrast to literature, dance, and art.

The Dasara film festival will be started on Monday, according to deputy special officer R Sesha, and will be opened by actor Shivarajkumar.Along with the Yuva Dasara, the Naada Habba fete is one of the attractions that excites the youth.Many film connoiseurs will be able to enjoy a diverse range of films this season, both Indian and international.On the other hand, Yuva Dasara will host many cultural programs.