Navneet, a prospective pilot, fails the CWG admission exam but wins the lawn bowls gold instead.

Navneet Singh, 27, will miss the entrance exam for Air India on Sunday after winning silver at the Commonwealth Games . Chandan Kumar Singh, 37, Sunil Bahadur, and Dinesh Kumar, 37, all lost out on a medal in 2014 and 2018 by a small margin .

SPA in LEAMINGTON: Navneet Singh, a Delhi-based commercial pilot, aspires to become a commercial pilot, but he will miss the entrance exam for a leading Indian airline on Sunday after winning Indias first-ever mens lawn bowls medal at the Commonwealth Games.The 27-year-old would like to believe that the award was worth the sacrifice.I just obtained my commercial pilot license and will take an exam with Air India tomorrow, but I can't get there.After India lost the mens four finals to Northern Ireland, Navneet told PTI that now that we have a medal, it is fine.

We surprised a lot of people here, particularly by our win over England in the semis (India had lost to England in the league stage).We weren't ready for it, as we were.Navneet is the youngest member of the quartet that claimed the mens four silver at Victoria Park here.Chandan Kumar Singh, 37, Sunil Bahadur, and Dinesh Kumar, 37, all lost out on a medal in 2014 and 2018 by a small margin.

Dinesh is a constable, while Sunil is now a sub inspector after earning an out-of-turn promotion thanks to his bowling green exploits.To reach the semifinals, India stunned the mighty England, who have a rich tradition in Lawn Bowls.As the team lost the bulk of the game, Chandan hit a miracle shot to guarantee a special victory.The silver medal given to India's women's team after a gold-winning effort has marked a potentially game-changing finish at the Games.

We now have one, so we're hoping for better things to come, Navneet said, who was mistaken for her mentor Pinki, who took up the sport in Delhi when his school became a grass bowls training center.I used to play cricket, but Pinki mam introduced me to lawn bowls, according to Navneet.Pinki and Co had achieved a memorable first for India by winning the womens fours gold.Pinki, a sports instructor in DPS RK Puram in Delhi, is also a Navneets Coach.

Jharkhand emerges as a hotbed for Lawn Bowls With a second medal in the Games, it has been evident that the sport is flourishing in the region.The players are rewarded for their achievements at R K Anand Bowling Greens in Ranchi, a facility run by coach Madhukant Pathak.Lovely Choubey and Rupa Rani Tirkey, two women's team members, also train there.Children are also playing the sport in Jharkhand.

In the future, many younger players will step out of that circle, according to Dinesh, the team skipper.The players are now hoping for more help from the government after a few memorable golds.We have a Asia Pacific conference coming up, which is held once every four years.The Delhi government has yet to respond to us regarding funding.

The CWG trip has been provided by the government, but for other events the participants pay out of their own pockets.They hope that will change.We only have 1 or 2 events a year, which isn't enough, we need at least 4 events, and for this we need more funding, Sunil said.