Nearly 4,000 Covid instances are listed in state records.

Kerala reported 3,981 new cases on Thursday, with the state reporting 3,986 tests . Kasaragod district reported 33 new cases, while Wayanad recorded 36 cases .

Kochi (Kolkata): Kerala is a state in which 3,981 new cases were detected on Thursday, with the state reporting 3,986 tests.As many as 11 pandemic-related deaths were recorded, four of which were backlog deaths, according to the USDA.The TPR in the United States stands at 17.39 percent.Since 22,927 tests were carried out on Wednesday, the state had reported 3,890 new cases, while the TPR was at 16.97%.

970 new infections were reported in the district, followed by Thiruvananthapuram with 880 cases and Kottayam (438 cases).The most cases were recorded in Kasaragod district (33), while Wayanad recorded 36 cases.