Neeru Bajwa: When I first entered the film profession, people told me I wasn't attractive enough.

Neeru Bajwa says self-love is essential and that the world will not know your worth until you value yourself . The actress says she was told she would be fat in the mirror if she was a child .

According to them, the world will not know your worth until you value yourself.It doesn't matter who you are, what background you come from, the world outside is to point at your shortcomings, so please accept yourself first.Pollywood queen Neeru Bajwa follows these guidelines as it is not something we believe in.Taking to her social media account, the actress mentioned how self-love is essential, and that no matter what the so-called cement beauty rules are, one must learn that they are beautiful just the way they are.

When she first entered the film industry, she was told she didn't fit in to the beauty bars, and she believed in that.However, it wasnt too late for her to realize that the person she sees in the mirror is beautiful no matter what.She understood the meaning of self-love and now professes the same.1112013-2022: ten photos of Neeru Bajwa that depict her as a timeless beautyLeft ArrowRight ArrowRead moreRead lessAnother year passed by, and she continued to age in >p>Still melting hearts, still wearing the queen's crown!br >p>Still moving forward!br >p>Still moving forward!br >p>As Where I started to believe it.

No, not I love myself.To all the little girls, we have hair on our faces, our bodies, and we are brown.embrace yourself, you are special as you are, writes Neeru Bajwa, who shares a collection of her photographs.View this page on Instagram.

Kokka, her most recent release, is a variation of the same.It was a story in which an older woman falls in love with a younger man.The film addressed ageism and theology behind it in a fun and amusing manner.Kali Jotta, Laung Laachi 2, Snowman, and many more movies are next on her list.