Netracks' Participation in the BICSI Event Will Provide Access to an Innovative and Possibility-Filled Future

BICSI is one of Indias most important Industry Annual Meetings in Bangalore (Karnataka), November 19 (India) The most recent 19th BICSI conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Bengaluru, Embassy Manyata Business Park, and attracted 700 delegates and 250 participants from all around the region .

BICSI is one of India's most important Industry Annual Meetings in Bangalore (Karnataka), November 19 (India).The event was organized in 2004 in Mumbai with the intention of creating a single place for over 25,000 highly skilled professionals to meet and learn together.The first conference, which was attended by 100 participants and ten participants, was held in 2004.Since then, the journey has been exciting, with seminars and workshops running throughout India.

They have distinct visions and viewpoints, but they all have a common passion for technology and innovation.This year, the seminar attracted participants from diverse segments of the ICT community.Professionals representing end users-System integrators- Installers- Consultants- Distributors or dealers- OEMsNetracks' vision of the futureNetrack met at the 19th BICSI conference to explore the growth prospects of the IT industry in the coming years alongside diverse business leaders.The offerings of each company have changed as a result of the visible evolution of colocation data center facilities with service offerings over on-premise data centers.

Ravi Raj, a Netrack representative, attended and addressed the meeting.He is Netracks' sales and service director as well as the brand manager.The event featured an interesting panel discussion.The discussion included Ravi Raj- Ashish Sharma, Pankaj Wadhwa, and Santosh Kulkarni.

Vertiv's Santosh Kulkarni talked about DCIM as part of the data center, while Ashish Sharma of CapitaLand talked about colocation data centers, sustainability, problems, and the virtue of carbon neutrality in data center design.Pankaj Wadhwa, a data center designer and consultant, walked us through the evolution from the green spaces to the exact requirements for data center building.Ravi sir, the company's CEO, shared his vision for next-generation data center racks.His entertaining talk provided a sense of the change process that the IT industry is going through in the next ten years.

With Ravi sirs' lucid analysis of the necessity of balance between space, weight, and cooling efficiency of racks, the discussion became even more interesting.A Netrack initiative, according to Ravi sir, is a high-density vertical cable organizer (HDVCO) and a high-density horizontal cable organizer (HDHCO) product line.The Updated design of NAOR with HDVCOHDHCO was a long-awaited product launch.These products are intended for core networking and are engineered to tackle the challenges related to high density cable management.

This robust framework makes it possible to properly organize cables and improves the overall appearance of the area.This product is UL tested and is highly adaptable to cables with a high load carrying capacity of up to 1500 kg.The HDVCO is available in 6, 8, 12 and 15 colors, while the HDHCO is available in a 1U4U format.He also covered the transition of the IT industry from the on-premise to colocation data centers as a result of a shift in work environment that promoted work from home and a hybrid operation model in the IT industry.

Netracks also described its unique services.Netracks Pvt.Ltd. is a strong believer in creativity and invention, as shown by the health consequences that come from prolonged exposure to equipment noise.With the advent of new technologies, Netrack tailors solutions to suit customers' needs.

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