New Sohna Elevated Road to Boost Gurugram Real Estate Markets

The 22-kilometer Sohna elevated expressway was opened to traffic in Gurugram on July 28 . The elevated main road will be connected to the Delhi-Vadodara expressway at Alipur .

India: The 22-kilometer Sohna elevated expressway was opened to traffic in Gurugram on July 28.Travelers now have access to a portion of the elevated route connecting Subhash Chowk and Badshahpur.The initiative is said to have a negative impact on road congestion and travel times in Gurugram and Sohna.The elevated main road will be connected to the Delhi-Vadodara expressway at Alipur, and it will connect to the Delhi-Vadodara expressway.

Sohna, which is located on the slopes of the Aravalli, one of the world's first folded mountain ranges, has remained a popular tourist attraction, with its lakes, hot springs, temples, and numerous sites of rich history.Sohna, a district in Gurugram's south, has seen remarkable economic development in the last few decades, which has sped up urbanization and increased the number of refugees searching for jobs.Sohna has seen strong growth in terms of lifestyle scores, infrastructure upgrading, and the extension of social facilities.Residential Properties has resurfaced as one of Gurugram's most popular locations, bringing together the residential, business, and retail segments into a unique blend.

New areas began to appear, including Sohna Road, Golf Course Extension Road, Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), and Sohna Road, which goes all the way to Sohna town.Sohna Road offers houses, apartments, and proposed infrastructure upgrades to the working-age population of Gurugram and the surrounding areas due to its close proximity to various business centres and industries, easy access to major highways, and affordable rates.Nevertheless, the location's advantages, first-rate social infrastructure, and affordability make it an attractive place to invest in residential real estate.Gurugrams Sohna Road has risen to be one of the most sought-after real estate locations in the United States.

The Sohna neighborhood is now well served by the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Delhi-Mumbai expressway.This will result in other infrastructure advancements, accelerate urbanization, and a higher livability index in the South of Gurugram, according to Sanjeev Arora, Director of 360 Realtors.It would reduce travel times and bring peoples mobility to areas that could have taken long hours to travel due to traffic jams.It will also boost residential development in the area following the commuters allowance for the 22-kilometer Sohna elevated road.

Increased real estate development will especially benefit the Sohna and the Sohna road district.End users who work in areas such as the Sohna Golf Course, Golf Course extension, and cyber hubs are increasingly targeting the area.Investment spending will also increase, according to Pushpender Singh, the managing director of JMS Group.The construction of the 22-kilometer Sohna elevated road in Gurugram would inevitably shorten the journey time between Gurugram and Sohna and make traveling more smoother.

It will also connect to the Delhi-Vadodara expressway by an interchange at Alipur.As far as real estate sentiments are concerned, the plans at Sohna Road will see an inevitable increase in visitors and sales due to the Sohna elevated road's construction being much more convenient and faster than ever before.It will also help to cement Gurugrams' status as the fastest-growing real estate destination.Sohna Road is one of the top sub-city areas in Gurugram, where top-quality realty sales are fueled by the opening up of the Sohna elevated road, according to Kushagr Ansal, Director of Ansal Housing.

We're optimistic that this would be a positive investment opportunity.