NIA arrests: Coimbatore is tense

Hundreds of police officers were deployed around Coimbatore city to mitigate any untoward events . Petrol bombs were hurled at a BJP office, a wholesale textiles store, and two buses .

Following the nationwide crackdown on India's Popular Front, tensions erupted in Coimbatore city on Thursday night.Petrol bombs were hurled at a BJP office, a wholesale textiles store, and two buses.To mitigate any untoward events, hundreds of police officers were deployed around the area.Earlier in the day, PFI and SDPI activists marched around the state against the detentions.

In a number of places in Coimbatore city, PFI and SDPI cadres blocked roads.11 PFI members were convicted of damaging public facilities and refusing to allow police to perform their duties in Kuniyamuthur court.Protests were held in Perambur, Thousand Lights, Pudupet, Purasavalkam, and Koyambedu in Chennai.PFI members in Cuddalore district blocked roads in various areas.

NIA was attempting to thwart the organizations' legitimate activities by presenting it as a terrorist group, according to Abdul Razak of PFI Chennai.During searches, they never take anything from our offices, but they do report numerous seizures.According to his description, the department has never made the so-called seizures public once.The Union government was threatening the poor by misusing government departments like the NIA and Enforcement Division, according to the Federation of All Jamaat Organization of Coimbatore district.

He asked why the government was failing to take steps against entities that threaten people belonging to a minority population.