NMC officer: Ukhand sterilisation model is required to reduce stray dog populations.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation says sterilization by Uttarakhand government is the way out . Animal birth control (ABC) scheme in localities has failed to improve .

Nagpur, April 1: An officer from the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) said sterilization by the Uttarakhand government, in which canines from the whole city were sterilized simultaneously, was the way out.According to NMCs veterinary officer Gajendra Mahalle, sterilization by the animal birth control (ABC) scheme in localities has failed to improve as dogs are now transferring from one place to the next.According to Mahalle, the push was being carried out across the city in Uttaranchals capital Dehradun.Just a few years ago, NGOs were hired to capture, neuter, or sterilize dogs.

According to Mahalle, Neutering 80,000-90,000 dogs around the city and the adjoining suburbs would reduce the population in a few years.On Saturday, strays assaulted and severely injured a first standard schoolgirl, and doctors from the government medical college and hospital (GMCH) arrived on Monday.The perpetrators were admitted to the hospital in both cases.Since citizens' petitions, NMC was able to cull or shift dogs to other areas, according to Mahalle.

To deter dogfights, he said, they must be released in the same area where they were collected.Mahalle said the contents of the fresh drive will be kept in CCTV cameras for at least three months.NGOs should not reuse results to increase their numbers.Box: Activist Ankita Shah, an animal rights lawyer, believes that animal birth control (ABC) is the only way to reduce the stray dog menace in such operations.

Dogs become less territorial after neutering.Their population could also be curbed in this way.However, it would not happen overnight.In the first year, there will be a 50% reduction, the next year, and so on.

Females become aggressive in order to safeguard their puppies, she said.