No advancement from the second tier to the 12-team I-League next season.

AIFF wants to establish a second division next season . The All India Football Federation wants to establish a second division next season .

Panaji: The All India Football Federation (AIFF) wants to establish a second division next season, which means a team will only be promoted to the I-League for the 2023-24 season.In this season of the I-League, thirteen teams took part, and Gokulam Kerala FC became the champions on Saturday, marking the first time a team successfully defended their title.Kenkre FC, which finished last in the I-League, has been relegated, and 12 teams will compete in the forthcoming season.Next season there will be no qualifying matches and we will have a normal second division, home and away, in parallel to the I-League, according to Sunando Dhar, CEO leagues and development.

The team at the bottom (in the I-League) is eliminated, and in the next edition (2023-24), we will see promotion and relegation.The second division is set to be played from November to March.Due to the pandemic, the normal second division could not be held.We used to work at home and away, but we abandoned this goal.

According to Dhar, the teams will be selected for the second division.State associations will be able to nominate up to two teams at any one time.The league winner will receive first preference, while the second-placed team will only be considered if the champion does not meet the club licensing requirements.In the second division, only one team from each state will be permitted to play.

The number of teams will vary according to the states.They must meet the club licensing requirements.There will be some reserve squads from ISL and I-League clubs.We require a minimum of 18 teams.

The system used to have a home and a away second division.In year one, you win the local league, then the second division (in year two), and the champion then plays in the I-League (in year three).According to Dhar, this is the course.