No relief from the heat in the next five days: Met department

Highest temperature recorded on Tuesday in Ranchi was 39.2 degrees . Highest humidity in Jharkhand recorded at 75% in Ranchi .

Ranchi: The Met department in Ranchi reported on Tuesday that there will be no respite from the heatwave-like atmosphere sweeping the region.Ranchi's director, Meteorological Centre, Abhishek Anand, said the highest temperature recorded on Tuesday in Ranchi was 39.2 degrees, while in Jamshedpur and Daltonganj it was 40 and 44.6 degrees respectively.Ranchi also saw 75% humidity, while Jamshedpur witnessed over 80%, and will continue to be so for the next five days.Anand explained that evaporation stops when the humidity hits 100%, and that is the reason for the heat-induced annoyance.

In the eastern areas of Jharkhand, including Ranhi, there are also chances of light showers, moderate to heavy thunderstorms, and 50-55 kmph winds.People are also having trouble coping with the heat.Due to the heatwave, many of the Azim Premji University students who had come to Jharkhand from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala, and other states for field studies as part of their dissertation assignments became sick.During their field trip to Palamu, Latehar, Torpa, and Basiya, team coordinator Sushma Pandey said, Five of our team members developed health problems as a result of the heat.