Not just in the South, but in every region, movies should be seen in theatres: Sudeep Kichcha

Actress Kichcha Sudeep said each film, regardless of the language, deserves a theatrical release . Sudeep said OTT platforms have blurring boundaries between cinema from different states .

Actress Kichcha Sudeep said on Thursday that each film, regardless of the language, deserves a theatrical release, crediting OTT platforms for blurring boundaries between cinema from different states.During the pandemic-induced shutdown, the actor, who primarily works in Kannada films, said a stream of content from streamers introduced the audience to various filmmaking styles around the country.There is a lot of commercialization in every state, but it's because not many people are aware of it.We consume content on OTT platforms, and I don't think we'd have known of Korean or Thai films or movies until COVID-19 was released.

Sudeep said that we suddenly realized that a lot of people are making good films, as a result of a query about making films as pan-India films.Here, he was speaking at the Hindi trailer launch of his forthcoming 3D fantasy action-adventure film Vikrant Rona, which also marketed as a pan-India film.Sparsha, who has also appeared in hits from other languages like Eega (Telugu-Tamil), Puli (Tamil), Rakta Charitra (Hindi-Telugu), and Dabangg 3 (Hindi) said he does not see other industries as a threat.Everyone is trying to tell their tales.

We are not paying attention to what others are doing or plotting.We've survived long enough to say we're here today to say we're here too.Not only south India, but every film deserves to see a theatrical release in its scope and spirit.When asked if he was aiming to replicate the legendary success of Kannada film KGF: Chapter 2 in his forthcoming film, he said, I think Rs 1,000 crore makes a person happy.

Although India has no national language, it has two official languages, Hindi and English, and 22 languages are included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution.Vikrant Rona, directed by Anup Bhandari, will be released on July 28 in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi.Salman Khan, a Bollywood actor who starred with Sudeep in Dabangg 3, will film the film in north India.Khan's relationship, he said, was not about giving and taking.

Salman Khan, the person and man I know, is allowed to perform a song, cameo, or some other kind of entertainment.Salmans production company is close to his heart, and I don't think he'll go for it unless he's confident in the details.After seeing a video of the film, he came on board.He asked him if he could do something about it.

He asked him.He joined him as a presenter.Jacqueline Fernandez, who plays in Vikrant Rona's Ra Rakkamma, said she rehearsed for 15 days for the song and was thrilled with the response from the audience.Each song is unique.

I was very anxious about the song, not knowing what was going to happen and how I would be doing it, she said.