Odisha has issued instructions to aggressively enforce fire safety laws.

Santosh Kumar Upadhyay gave his officers assignment to strictly follow Odisha Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Rules . Upadhyay emphasized the importance of fire safety inspections of various facilities .

BHUBANESWAR (BHUBANESWAR): Santosh Kumar Upadhyay, the director general of police and fire departments, gave his officers an assignment on Saturday to strictly follow Odisha Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Rules.Upadhyay has emphasized the importance of fire safety inspections of various facilities, including hotels, lodgings, and guest houses, all educational buildings over 12 meters or a built up area greater than 1000 square meters, cinema halls, and all medical facilities over 12 meters of heights or more than three floors.Also, fire safety assessments will be conducted at business or office buildings above 12 meters in height or a built-up area of more than 500 square meters, as well as place of worship such as a auditorium, convention halls above 500 square meters, warehouses above 500 square meters, coaching centershostels, factories, and industries.The directorate has issued instructions for appointing Fire Safety Supervisors for the buildings named by the department.

According to the official release, all field officers of the Odisha fire services have been asked to ensure that photocopies of fire safety certificates are displayed at various state establishments, in all obvious places on all floors, according to the regulations.All firefighters, deputy firefighters, and assistant fire officers have been trained to inspect the state's major structures and take appropriate actions.Fire safety audits have been ordered by Upadhyay for all district headquarters hospitals, collectorates, and high-rise government buildings by May 21, in areas where the public is present.According to the top cop, all fire station officers have been compelled to take fire prevention and fire safety measures in temporary structures constructed in fairs, mandaps, jatra, and other activities that extend over a 1000-square-meter area or have a crowd of more than 2000 people at one place.

He said that the organizers will take all appropriate steps to minimize fire incidents.In addition, fire station officers will work with various industry bodies to encourage community involvement in fire safety and fire prevention in busy supermarket towns.To prevent short circuiting due to overheating, vendors are encouraged not to use loose or open electrical connections.According to the official release, people are urged to dial emergency number 112 in the event of a fire hazard.