Omar Abdullah: People are being killed inside their homes and government offices.

Omar Abdullah praised Bharatiya Janata Party's assertions that abrogation of Article 370 was unconstitutional and unlawful . He said that all other people are dissatisfied except BJP-linked people .

Jammu and Kashmir: Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah praised the Bharatiya Janata Party's assertions that the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019 was unconstitutional and unlawful, saying that all other people are dissatisfied except BJP-linked people.I saw some State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) trucks when coming from Srinagar on Mughal Road, where the word state was removed by paint.Moreover, the government is obligated to restore statehood... We are not ready to accept defeat.Despite the fact that the National Conference did not meet on the roads, Mr Abudllah said we will continue our struggle for freedom, dignity, identity, and glory.

We will continue our fight in a peaceful manner, said Abdullah.Referring to the Supreme Court's decision to include the pleas challenging the Centres' decision to abolish Article 370, the NC leader said, We hope the hearing begins soon and the court delivers its decision.In God's house, there is a halt, but there is no darkness.It may take some time, but we will wait, he said, adding that my heart assures us that we will get justice and I have faith in it.We have suffered a lot as a result of the BJP's failure to rescue J&K from this crisis, he said, warning the people against splitting them on the basis of faith and locations.

Although two-and-a-half years have passed, I do not see any peace reigniting.The people in Kashmir are still being killed inside their homes, and some have even started attacking people in government departments, according to Mr Abdullah, adding that the government has failed to provide them with protection.In response, he said, people are being told that Article 370 is the cause for the formation of a separatist ideology, and that abrogation would change the minds and the separatist ideology.Where is this evolution?I left the chair of the chief minister eight years ago and PDPs Mehbooba Mufti about four years ago.

They are taking in people from Arab countries and sending them to the valley for photo opportunities every six months, because no one from our country's manufacturing sector came forward to invest in Kashmir.He said that visiting Jammu and Srinagar is a good idea, but expressed worry that these trips do not benefit the people in the remote villages of Poonch and other districts, but that it is unfortunate that they failed to put a new area on the tourist map over the past four years, according to Mr Abdullah.