On Saturday, Jaipur reached 45.6°C, the hottest May in the last six years.

Temperatures in 13 districts in Jaipur reach 47 degrees and above in the last 24 hours . Mercury will begin soaring from May 18 onwards .

JAIPUR (JAIPUR) On Saturday, the state began to reel under intense heat wave conditions, with the majority of them reaching temperatures of over 44 degrees.According to weathermen, Dholpur saw 48.5 degrees, the highest recorded level.Jaipur recorded 45.6 degrees, the highest temperature in the first fortnight of May in the last six years.The city's minimum temperature was 32.8 degrees, or almost 7 degrees above normal.

In the first fortnight of May, the city's maximum temperature is usually around 43 degrees.According to an officer with the Jaipur Met office, Mercury will begin soaring from May 18 onwards.Power cuts are triggered by the temperature rise.In the afternoon, people were confined to their homes and offices.

In the last 24 hours, temperatures in 13 of the 33 districts had reached 47 degrees and above.Except for a small shower and dust storm on May 16, the Jaipur Met Office said there will be no respite from the heat wave conditions.To combat the heat, people in many districts used ice cubes in water coolers.The rise in temperatures also caused power cuts in many places.